Discover life coaching with horses to transform your life

Your Opportunity

Whether you simply want to explore new ways of learning, are dealing with a personal challenge or would like to reconnect with your heart, a life coaching with horses will have a profound and transformative impact on your life.

Horses as Teachers

Horses soon turn into trusted friends, as they help you discover and explore the subconscious beliefs and behaviors that are driving your behavior and determining the quality of your life. With this awareness you will be able to make new and empowering choices that will lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

A Place to Relax

Amidst rolling hills and beautiful large forested area lies Black Diamond Ranch. A place to relax, wind down and experience the surrounding beauty – green countryside as far as the eye can see, horses grazing in the pasture or enjoying a siesta under the trees, meadows filled with butterflies and bees flying from flower to flower.

Our Offer

We invite you to come and discover our activities with horses for your body, mind and soul.
No prior horse experience necessary.

Take advantage of 1:1 coaching sessions with different horses to gain new perspectives on any current challenges you are facing. Horses have an uncanny way of helping you identify underlying issues that allow you to recognize what needs to change, so that you can step into your true power.

These workshops focus on giving you powerful tools to help you master everyday life with much more ease. The topics include your inner wisdom, your true self, your true desires and personal guidance.

Family Time

How about a somewhat different family vacation? Here you have the chance to learn about and explore the world of horses with your kids.

Familiy Time with Horse