Marina is a horse lover with a passion for coaching


I am a true horse lover at heart and have learned life’s most valuable lessons by interacting with horses and thus discovered my passion for coaching people with horses. My vision is to create a retreat center where this is possible and that is how Black Diamond Ranch came about. Being around horses opens people’s hearts and allows them to connect to their true desires. Actively interacting with horses gives people the opportunity to learn more about themselves and to tap into their resources and inner wisdom.


Marina Parris

I have always had a special connection to animals and have wanted to work with them since I was a kid.  The one month between jobs that I spent helping out on a farm with riding for the disabled was a turning point in my life. I later left the corporate world and spent 3 years learning, living and working with horses. Since 2007 I have been giving riding lessons and coaching people to reconnect with their heart and follow their inner guidance.