Enjoy a family vacation with horses on our ranch

Family Vacation

Kids love horses and horses love kids! How about a somewhat different family vacation? Here you have the chance to explore the world of horses with your kids. Enjoy a family vacation in nature being with and learning about horses.

Family vacation with horses

Kids and Horses

Even if you have never been around horses, give yourself the opportunity to see the world through your child’s eyes and see what they see and love about ponies/horses. Horses also naturally connect with kids/adults that have a mental or physical disability.

Times: 2 hours a day per family

Price: CHF 160

Parenting Skills

You would be surprised how working with horses will strengthen your parenting skills. Both kids and horses are looking for guidance and connection in a person that they can trust. Interacting with horses will give you immediate feedback as to how you come across in your role as a parent. Parenting skills are offered as 1:1 coaching sessions.

Times: 1-2 hours/day

Price: CHF 120/hour for one person or CHF 160/hour for two people

Lady walking horse over poles

"The location is wonderful, with its beauty and tranquility. You can really let go and slow down there. Your horses are really friendly and you can feel that they are handled differently with lots of attention. You can feel the trust between horses and people. I found it super that on the first day we got to know your farm and horses. We could build up a relationship with them. I was really enchanted by Hummer. I never felt so close to a horse. The second day working on the ground with the horses was also very useful and interesting. I liked it too that we as parents also had a chance to work actively with your horses. For my husband, it was also an amazing experience." RM