Rediscover the wisdom of your body, mind, heart and soul with horses

During the workshops you will connect with horses and rediscover the wisdom of your body, mind, heart and soul. You will also learn powerful tools to help you master everyday life with more grace and ease.

Group Workshops

  • Inner Wisdom – use your inner wisdom to guide you through life
  • Authentic Self – connect with the energy of joy as you become the best version of yourself
  • Your True Desires – bring inner visions and dreams into reality
  • Own Your Life – take action and responsibility for the quality of your life

Heart Coherence

In addition to experiencing the change with horses, the impact of this transformational work with horses can also be physically measured via changes in heart coherence, heart rate variability, and the electromagnetic fields etc. of humans and horses alike.

Homemade Meals

We offer homemade vegetarian meals and use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Limited onsite accommodations available.

"The encounter with the horses struck me right in my heart! Ingenious and fascinating at the same time! Already on the first day this magic was noticeable. I would not have expected or thought possible that this would be possible by interacting with horses. Wow!” RP