How do horses perceive us?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t hide your feelings and emotions from horses and why horses play such a valuable role in field of personal development? Horses perceive people on two levels – they observe our body language and they sense our energies.

The Institute of HeartMath in California has long scientifically proven that the electromagnetic (EM) field of the heart is the strongest in the body. The magnetic field of the heart is up to 5,000x stronger and the electrical field of the heart up to 100x stronger than that of the brain. The EM field of the heart is measurable up to 1.5 metres from the body and that of the brain 30 cm.

You may think in your head “I am fine” and act as if you are, while in your heart you feel stressed or sad. Because the EM field of the heart is much stronger than that of the brain, it is no wonder that horses responds to what you feel and not to what you think or how you act on the outside. 

What does this mean for us in everyday life? We naturally tend to suppress difficult emotions and show our happy side. Since our feelings and emotions are energy, we can never completely get rid of them in this sense. Suppressed emotions lead to increased blood pressure and body tension and are stored as energetic blockages in the body that can show up as physical or psychological problems at a later stage.

Often we don’t even realize what we are suppressing. That’s why horses are such a great help in the field of personal development, because they shine a light on these feelings and emotions for us. Emotions and feelings are important and we should allow ourselves to feel them, even if they are uncomfortable. Once we can access and accept our true feelings and emotions, we can use them as a basis for taking action to change something in our life.

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