Webinars and online coaching for heart-based living

If you would like to discover ways to live from your heart, but can’t make it out to the ranch, then our webinars and online coaching are a great alternative.


These 4 webinars are designed to give you valuable inputs and tools for heart-based living, based on my many years of experience of working with people and horses. They can also be booked privately, for closed groups such as teams.

2021 schedule: the sessions run weekdays from 20.00 – 21.00h and are in German.

Inner Wisdom (Mondays)

  • Language of the body – January 11
  • Language of the breath – January 18
  • Language of the heart – January 25
  • Language of emotions – February 1
  • Language of energy – February 8

Your True Self (Tuesdays)

  • Conditioned self and authentic self – January 12
  • How does your heart speak to you? – January 19
  • Empowered choices – January 26

Your True Desires (Mondays)

  • True wishes and desires – February 15
  • Comfort zones – February 22
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs – March 1

Personal Guidance (Tuesdays)

  • Present moment – February 2
  • Trusting what is – February 9

Time: 1 hour/session

Price: These 4 webinars are free, after that they will cost CHF 30 per 1-hour session

“I can only say that it was very enriching, exciting, and very well led.” NB

Artist: Kim McElroy


If you feel stuck, have a challenge or need to make a decision and find it difficult to take the next step then a coaching call can help you gain clarity. I like to work with the horse cards from Linda Kohanov’s book “Way of the Horse” as an aid.

Dates: flexible

Time: flexible

Cost: CHF 100 for a one-hour call

I wanted to get some clarity about the current challenges in my life. I decided to contact Marina, with whom I have had the good fortune to be coached. She specializes in Horse Wisdom. I felt doing a reading with her would be the ideal solution. All I can say is Wow!! The answers to my queries were spot on. Each card described my situation explicitly. There were so many aha moments. Marina has the extraordinary capacity to give you an in-depth analysis of the issues. I felt heard. And got such incredible insights. It was like magic! It was as if the cards could read my mind. They did with Marina's help and reflected what my unconscious desires and needs were. Only with her knowledge was I able to get the clarity I needed to make sense of it all. It's a heartfelt experience that is comforting and soulful. Something that I would surely do again. KL